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This site has been around on the net in various forms and incarnations since 2002, no it is not very popular or heavily visited but it is my little corner of the internet. Take some time to click through the links and I hope you find something useful, entertaining, funny or educational. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your time here.

About Me

     To describe me is to attempt to describe an Opeth song to a deaf person, it can be done, but the full meaning will never be fully realized. I work for the most awesome company on the planet, Bluehost Inc, I basically help people with various problems with their websites, emails, ftp, etc, etc, I also work as a backup Sales representative, with means I explain all the toys we offer to prospective customers, and do so in as plain English as possible, while being cheerful and overcoming doubts most people have, been burned by other web hosts in the past.

     I am also an accomplished Guitarist, I play many genres of music on the guitar, though aggressive, brutal metal is my weapon of choice. I take great pride in being able to take notes, phrases and passages from all types of music and create a metal version, rearrangement or even a complete rewriting of said composition. I have tested an IQ of 180, I am dyslexic, I have sound to color synesthesia, and am probably ADHD, so the music I write reflects these qualities to the extreme at times, and typically end up being 10-12 minutes in length, with many different styles, sounds and textures being included in one piece, but I usually also take a very long time to complete my compositions, typically one 12 minute track can take a month to complete and another month of tweaking this and moving that for me to become satisfied with a track, though I have had some songs, one which is a mere 7 minutes that took 2 and a half YEARS to right, and then there are my Epic song which currently sits at 30 minutes and 8 seconds, that also took 2 and a half years to write and arrange. There are exceptions, I have songs I wrote in one sitting, one being a 10 minute track I wrote when I was extremely angry, and there are a track or two where i wrote one riff back in 1996 and forgot the riff, only to revisit the riff in 2007 and write a whole track in one pass, based off the riff from 10 years earlier.

     I am a real life and full fledged computer geek and Open Source software advocate. I have been involved with computers in one way or another since the age of 11,when I was given a TRS80-CoCo2 with 16K Ram and a Cassette tape player for data storage Some of the coolest 8 color graphics in the world. This thing was the bomb, I used it mostly for text based adventure games, like the Stalag and Evasion series and Mansion of Horrors. But we had some cool graphics based games too, like Dungeons of Daggorath and Pitfall clones. I wish I still had it, some of those old games were pretty cool. After that, I graduated to an 80286 running DOS 3.3, I had that beast forever, it served me well, with its State of the Art 1024x768 VGA display and its excessive 40MB half height hard drive. Upgraded to DOS 5.0 in 1992, and after a while, it became a game player with adventure games like Hack, Moraff\'s World, Moraff\'s Revenge, wow, the good ol days.. I experimented with Windows 1.1 at the time, I hated it, I prefered Xtree for Shell management. Around this same time, maybe a little earlier, I also go my hands on a BSD derivitive somewhere in the late 80s I remember only liking the better availability of programs that could be executed on the command line, I do not remember which specific version it was, I do know I got it from a UC Berkeley technician, and knowing what I know now, I know it was a BSD flavor of UNIX, lol. Fast forward to 2000, getting my first Pentium III and getting on the internet for the first time. I ran Windows 98se in those days, it really sucked, especially coupled with a 56K connection that gave me 28.8K more times than anything, I discovered servers and experimented with running Napster clone servers for a while, but that got boring real fast, and with all the legal ramifications, I ventured elsewhere and started my journey into geekdom with Apache 1.3.3 and life forever changed. I had messed with Linux before, on an old 486 I had picked up from my brother-in-law, but I could not do anything with it, becuase WinModems were not supported at the time, and DSL was not available at my house, so I did what any geek would do, I moved where there was DSL and thus began the Linux and FreeBSD journey. Fast Forward to the present. Now, I can boast having run most every major distro of Linux for my desktop and EVERY FreeBSD since 4.4, as well as Open/NetBSD. I currently sysadmin, Apache, MySQL5, PHP5, PureFTP, an Intl IRC net, a FreeBSD firewall/router to name a few servers I run (i have run most types of servers at one point or another and have a good handle on their ins and outs, ask me about anything sometime, k?), and program Perl, some Ruby, and used to program PHP, I do tons of (x)HTML/CSS/Javascript, and CGI::Application work as a hobby as well. I administer 3 Gentoo Linux installs, 2 FreeBSD installs and one Windows XP and yea, Ieven have got Vista installed in Virtualbox just so I can troubleshoot it.. I am a computer nerd, and it shows.

My Favorites

So some probably are curious where I stand with some of the hot questions so I shall oblige:

The Technical Stuff:

  • Emacs vs Vi: Vi
  • KDE vs Gnome: KDE
  • Firefox vs Opera vs Konqueror: Firefox
  • Perl vs PHP vs Ruby vs Python: Perl
  • Server: CentOS vs FreeBSD: FreeBSD
  • First Linux Distro: Red Hat 7.0
  • Current Linux Distro: Arch Linux
  • First BSD Version: FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE
  • Current BSD Version: FreeBSD 10-STABLE
  • All Time Favorite Linux Distro: Arch Linux
  • All Time Favorite BSD Version: FreeBSD 10-STABLE

The Automotive Stuff:

  • Firebird vs Camaro: Firebird
  • Ford vs Chevy: Chevy
  • Automatic vs Standard: Standard
  • Nissan vs Toyota: Toyota
  • Yamaha vs Harley Davidson: Harley, like you had to ask...
  • 70's Muscle vs 21st Century: 70's Muscle
  • Learned to Drive with: 1972 Datsun 240Z
  • First Car: 1973 Buick LeSabre
  • Favorite Car Ever Owned: 1972 Pontiac Formula Firebird w/ 400 CID
  • Current Car Owned: 2006 Chevrolet Impala SS
  • I have been clean from Meth for:
  • I have not smoked a cigarette for:
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